APL Metals Limited
(CIN- L24224WB1948PLC017455)
(Formerly Associated Pigments Limited)
                           Notice Of General Meeting
                           Download Notice Of AGM 2016-17

                           Annual Reports
                           Download Annual Report 2016-17
                           Download Annual Report 2015-16
                           Download Annual Report 2014-15

                           Quarterly Result
                           Download Quarterly Result 2017-18
                           Download Quarterly Result 2016-17
                           Download Quarterly Result 2015-16
                           Download Quarterly Result 2014-15

                           Share Holding Pattern
                           Download Share Holding Pattern 2017-18
                           Download Share Holding Pattern 2016-17
                           Download Share Holding Pattern 2015-16
                           Download Share Holding Pattern 2014-15

                           Report On Corporate Governance
                           Download Report on Corporate Governance 2016-17
                           Download Report on Corporate Governance 2015-16
                           Download Report on Corporate Governance 2014-15

                           Code Of Conduct and Policy
                           Download Code Of Conduct
                           Download Vigil Mechanism Policy
                           Download Nomination & Remuneration Policy
                           Download Related Party Transactions Policy
                           Download Sexual Harassment Of Women Policy
                           Download Preservation Of Documents Policy

                           RTA Details
                           Download RTA Details

                           Board & Committees Of Directors
                           Download Board & Committees Of Directors

                           Appointment Of Directors
                           Download Appointment Of Directors

                           Others Shareholders Information
                           68th AGM Voting Results
                           Download Unpaid Dividend 2011-12 As On 31.03.2017
                           Download Nomination Form SH-13
                           Download Draft Articles of Association
                           Download Change Of Name
                           Download Notice Of Board Meeting

                           Compliance Officer Details
                           Name : R.N.Prajapati
                           Contact No : (033) 24652433 / 2434 , Fax : (033)-2465 0925
                           E mail : rnprajapati15@aplgroupco.com

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